Vol. 45-41 Vol. 40-31 Vol. 30-21 Vol. 10-1

1993-1994 - XIX-XX

O. BOTTO, Inaugural Address

B. BANERJEE, Ethics and philosophy in the Ramayana

N.R. BHATT, Religion in Valmikiramayana

J.L. BROCKINGTON, The Names of Rama

I.N. CHOUDHURI, How does the world view the Ramayana?

U. CHOUDHURI, The Ramayana myth of poetic creation

L.A. VAN DAALEN, Remarks on the Princeton translation of Valmiki Ramayana, esp. on vol. HI by Sh.I. Pollock

C. DELLA CASA, Imitatori e rivali di Gaspare Gorresio nel mondo letterario italiano del XIX secolo

M. DHAVAMONY, Purusartha according to Valmiki Ramayana

M.C. SUBHADRADIS DISKUL, The difference between Valmiki Ramayana and the thai version of Ramayana (Ramakirti) of king Rama I of Thailand

N. GANGADHARAN, Valmiki Ramayana - The English exposition of C.R. Srinivasa Ayyangar: an apraisal

A.W.P. GURUGE, Sri Lankan attitude to the Ramayana: a historical analysis

M. HARA, On phrases not shared by the Mahabharata and Ramayana

S.S. JANAKI, Saktibhadra's Ascaryacudamani - An appreciation in the light of Valmiki Ramayana

S.G. KANTAWALA, Some remarks in the sexual life in the Ramayana

K. KUMAR, Women characters in Valmiki Ramayana: with special reference to social values, cultural perspectives and modern thought

G. MOHAPATRA, A critical view on the character-painting of Kumbhakarna in the Valmiki Ramayana

W. MORGENROTH, Das Ramopakhyana des Mahabharata und das Valmiki Ramayana

S. MANOHAR PANDEY, Surasa, Simhika and Lanka in the Valmiki and other Ramayanas

S. PIANO, An few notes on the Rama-Katha in the Mahapurana-s

M. PIANTELLI, About the Ramayana structure. Epics and fable

G. POLLET, References to Ramayana in an early Brajabhasa hagiography (summary)

SAVEROS POU, From Valmiki to Theravada buddhism: the example of the khmer classical Ramakerti

S. SAHAI, Valmiki: his authorship, date and personality as gleaned from indochinese sources

K.V. SARMA, Valmiki Ramayana - An ocean of suggestive poetry

U. SATYAVRAT, The Ramayana and the modern Sanskrit plays

R. SHARMA, The non-Aryans in the Ramayana: the Raksasas

S.V. SHASTRI, Rama the ruler - As Vahniki reveals him

J.P. SINHA, Dharmasastra material in the Ramayana

A.V. SUBRAMANIAN, Valmiki Ramayana and sanskrit playwrights

N.P. UNNI, Ramayana tradition in South-West India: a cultural overview

V. VENKATACHALAM, Valmiki's Rama, a new perspective from the viewpoint of his enemies

J.M. VERPOORTEN, La foret de Dandaka et son destin ecologique

V. VENKATACHALAM, Valedictory address

1991-1992 - XVII-XVIII

G. BAILEY, On the Concept of the Ephemeral in Bhartrhari's Satakatrayam

L. BANSAT-BOUDON, Drama and Dharma in Indian Spuculations

K. BHATTACHARYA, Once more on two passages of the Pali Canon

G.M. BONGARD-LEVIN - M.D. BUKHARIN, Megasthenes' visits to India

J. BROCKINGTON, William Carey's Significance as an Indologist

L. CHANDRA, Devaraja in Cambodian History

T. ELIZARENKOVA, "Words and things" in the Rgveda (to the denominations of "road", "way", "path")

PH. GRANOFF, Seeking the perfect word: teachers and transmission in buddhist story literature

A.W.P. GURUGE, The Buddha's encounters with Mara, the Tempter: their representation in Literature and Art

S. INSLER, Vedic anuna-

R.H. KOCH, Avasyaka-tales from Namaskara-Vyakhya

K.R. NORMAN, The metres of the Lakkhana-suttanta (V)

K.V. SARMA, Principles for rendering Indian Epics and Puranas into the western languages

S.A.S. SARMA, The Kapilasmrti - A little-known text on hindu Dharmasastra: an over-view

R.K. SHARMA, Paninian metarule governing primary derivatives

T.R. SHARMA, Analysis of Word and Meaning in Madhyamika Philosophy

G. VON SIMSON, Interpreting Vedic Myth: the story of Indra and Kutsa

W.L. SMITH, The Canonization of Karna - The Migration of a hagiographical motif

A. WEZLER, Should the adopted son be a close relative? On the interpretation of Vasistha-Dharma-Sutra 15.6 and 7

S. LIENHARD, Report on the VIIIth World Sanskrit-Conference held in Vienna

S. LIENHARD, Minutes on the meeting of the Board and the General Body of the IASS during the VIIIth World Sanskrit-Conference held in Vienna

1989-1990 - XV-XVI

R.N. DANDEKAR, Inaugural Address

GREG BAILEY, The semantic frames of the contents of the Upasanakhanda of the Ganesa Purana

ANINDITA NIYOGI BALSLEV, The notion of "I" in the different schools of Vedanta: a philosophical appraisal

L. BANSAT-BOUDON, The Samanyabhinaya or how to play the game

J.L. BROCKINGTON, The Text of the Ramayana

J. BROUWER, The South Indian blacksmith and goldsmith, the Visvakarmas' view on iron and gold

L.M. FINN, Kamakala - The kernel of desire in the Sricakra

JAN E.M. HOUBEN, The sequencelessness of the signifier in Bhartrhari's theory of language

VRASHABH P. JAIN, The concept of case/karaka: a comparative statement

MISLAY JEZIC, The transfer of Divine Attributes in the Rksamhita

KALANATH JHA, Indian vis-a-vis Roman calendar: an appraisal in comparison

S.C. KERSENBOOM, Natya - the desiyajna

M.I. KHAN, Contribution of Indian Muslims to Sanskrit

SUSHMA R. KULSHRESHTHA, Music and dance in Buddhist literature

DR. MRS. MANORAMA, Modern Sanskrit dramatist. Dr. Rama Chaudhary

HISASHI MATSUMURA, Three notes on the Sanghabhedavastu

V. MAZZARINO, Bhamaha's ′three-fold′ slistalamkara

T.E. MEINDERSMA, Paralokasiddhi in Carakasamhita

MAREK MEJOR, The problem of two Vasubandhus reconsidered

JUAN MIGUEL DE MORA, Sanskrit scholars in Spain and Mexico in the 19th century and the comparison between Sanskrit and Nahuatl

SUSHIL MADHAVA PATHAK, The Bhagavad Gita and its evaluation in modem times

KHAGENDRA PATRA, Tradition of Sanskrit literature in Orissa

K.T.S. SARAO, Background to the origin of earliest Buddhism

RAJENDRA NATH SARMA, Pramanas in the Prabhakara-Mimamsa

NOEL SHETH, S. J., The justification of Krishna's childhood pranks

GEORG VON SIMSON, Remarks on the Suparna/Garuda myth (Later Vedic period)

L.P. SINGH, Kasmira Saivism: an analysis and reflection

S.P. THOMPSON, Does Panini's karaka system provide a basis for a universal grammar?

A.V. VASILKOV, Draupadi in the assembly-hall, Gandharva-husbands and the origin of the Ganikas

LIEVE VAN DE WALLE, The pragmatic motivation for the passive in Classical Sanskrit

1988 - XIV

Professor Colette Caillat's Bio-data

N. BALBIR, Bibliography of Colette Caillat's Works

G. BAILEY, Narrative Coherence in the Upasanakhanda of the Ganesa Parana: the Interlocutory System

N. BALBIR, Souper de jour: quatrains

A. BAREAU, La querelle des moines bouddhistes de Kausambi

E. BENDER, A Fragmented Manuscript Recovered

BANSIDHAR BHATT, Acara-Culas and -Niryukti. Studies I

J. BOISSELIER, La royaute Khmere dans la seconde moitie du XII siecle. Les predecesseurs de Jayavarman VII

V.B. BOLLEE, Pourquoi il faut respecter un savant - Uttarajjhaya XI

R.N. DANDEKAR, Hindu Ethics: Some Reflections

J. DELEU, A further inquiry into the nucleus of the Viyahapannatti

P. DUNDAS, The Tenth Wonder: Domestication and Reform in Medieval Svetambara Jainism

M.B. EMENEAU, Indo-Aryan origin of Gondi cud(d)- "small"

MINORU HARA, A Note on the Ancient Indian Oath (2). Use of the Periphrastic Future

H. HENDRIKSEN, A Himachali Tale With Linguistic Notes, especially on the Sentence Position of the Verb

O. VON HINUBER, Dharanis aus Zentralasien

JEAN MARIE LAFONT, Notes sur une collection particuliere de peintures indiennes sur mica

S. LIENHARD, A Note on the Newari Term bare

D.D. MALVANIA, The word puja and its meaning

KATSUMI MIMAKI, Bahyarthasiddhikarika KK° 59-60 de Subhagupta

K.R. NORMAN, The metres of the Lakkhana-suttanta (II)

YUTAKA OJIHARA, Dharma-samuccaya (ed. Lin), Chapitre XVI: des elements supplementaires aux Appendices de M. de Jong

ELSE PAULY, The Legend of Rsyasrnga as a Danish Opera

GEORGES-JEAN PINAULT, Vedique jirvi- / jivri-

SAVEROS POU, Notes on Brahmanic Gods in Theravadin Cambodia

JUNKO SAKAMOTO-GOTO, u vor dem Wurzelanlaut h im Mittelindischen

SAVERIO SANI, Relatif «oriental» et relatif «occidental» dans les inscriptions d'Asoka

A. WEZLER, The warrior taking to flight in fear - Some remarks on Mann 7.94 and 95 (Beitrage zur Kenntnis der indischen Kultur- und Religionsgeschichte III)

TORU YAGI, Le debat du Mahabhasya ad Panini 6.4.22

1987 - XIII

S. LIENHARD, Preface

J.L. BROCKINGTON, Guarded by grass. A Ramayana motif and some Western parallels

B. DAGENS, Les aspects techniques de l'iconographie selon les agama sivaites

R.C. DWIVEDI, Concept of the Sastra

M.B. EMENEAU, Sanskrit and Dravidian

ALAKA HEJIB-AGERA, The Particle Gha in the Rgveda

H. HENRICH HOCK, Voice, mood, and the gerundive (Krtya) in Sanskrit

M.P. MALLEDEVARU, The Saivagamas, their extent and authority

K.K. MISHRA, Bhartrhari's theory of sphota

KAMESHWAR NATH MISHRA, The unpublished Tattvasiddhi of Santaraksita: a resume

U.N. ROY, Salabhanjika Motif in Sanskrit Literature

JAG DEVA SINGH, Panini's Theory of Substitution and Derivation of Verbal Forms


G.M. BONGARD-LEVIN, Ancient India, and the Graeco-Roman World

LOKESH CHANDRA, The Origin of Avalokita-svara/Avalokitesvara

PADMANABH S. JAINI, Muktivicara of Bhavasena: Text and Translation

S.G. KANTAWALA, Some Aspects of Vedic Visnu

S. HILLYER LEVITT, The Indian Attitude Toward Writing

M. PIANTELLI, The «Mystical» Attitude and Its Indifference to Wordly Values and Commitments. Some Considerations on the Indian Outlook

S. POLLOCK, Raksasas and Others

R. SALOMON, A New Kharosthi Inscription

K.V. SARMA, Some new techniques in collating manuscripts and editing texts

S. SINGARAVELU, The episode of Maiyarab in the Thai Ramakien and its possible relationship to Tamil folklore

JAI PRAKASH SINGH, Is Gupta Gold a Gift Money?

G. SPERA, Gaya-mahatmya as depicted in Skanda-purana V, I, 57-59

1986 - XII

N. BALBIR, Normalizing Trends in Jaina Narrative Literature

A. NIYOGI BALSLEV, An over-all view of the problem of time in Indian philosophy

E. BENDER, The Function of Ragas in Jaina Katha Literature

PER-ARNE BERGLIE, Indian Siddhas as Tibetan Gods

C. CAILLAT, Prohibited speech and subhasita in the Theravada tradition

ERIC of EDHOLM, Canda and the sacrificial remnants. A contribution to Indian gastrotheology

R.E. EMMERICK, Some remarks on the history of leprosy in India

G. GREN-EKLUND, Causality and the method of connecting concepts in the Upanisads

J.C. HEESTERMAN, Non-Violence and Sacrifice

M. JAUK-PINHAK, Some Notes on the Pioneer Indologist Filip Vesdin (Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo)

E. KAHRS, Yaska's Nirukta: the quest for a new interpretation

S. LIENHARD, Two Stanzas Attributed to Bhartrhari

C. LINDTNER, On Bhavya's Madhyamakaratnapradipa

N. SIMONSSON, Reflections on the grammatical tradition in Tibet and its connection with Indian Buddhist speculation on language

GEORG VON SIMSON, The mythic background of the Mahabharata

W.L. SMITH, Chinese Sugar? On the Origin of Hindi cini, «Sugar»

C. SUNESON, From God to Horse - A Mythological and Semasiological Study of Revanta in Sanskrit and Gujarati/Rajasthani

M. THIEL-HORSTMANN, The Bhakti Theology of the Dadupanthi Sundardas

R. WALLDEN, Reflections on the Narrinai vocabulary

A. WEZLER, On the Quadruple Division of the Yogasastra, the Caturvyuhatva of the Cikitsasastra and the "Four Noble Truths" of the Buddha (Studies in the Patanjalayogasastravivarana II)


G.M. BAILEY, On D.D. Kosambi's Interpretation of the Bhagavadgita

M. D'ONZA CHIODO - E. PANATTONI, Dravidian contributions to an interpretation of Pali gamapoddava and Buddhaghosa's explanation of the term

J. KAUL «KAMAL», On the parallel development of Vedanta and Saiva (Trika) Philosophies in Kashmir

S. PIANO, Some notes on the Ganga-mahatmya in the Narada-purana

A. ROSU, Les traditions ayurvediques a Benares aux temps modernes

ARVIND SHARMA, The precise meaning of prete in Katha Upanisad I.I 20

PRIVA VRAT SHARMA, La notion de vedana dans la Carakasamhita

1985 - XI

K. BRUHN, Repetition in Jaina narrative literature

DALSUKH D. MALVANIA, On Bhadresvara's Kahavali

JEAN FILLIOZAT, The Jaina narrative literature in South-India and its counterparts

B. BHATT, Stratification in Satakas 1-20 of the Viyahapannatti

CHANDRABHAL TRIPATHI, Narratives in the Pancakalpabhasya and cognate texts

ADELHEID METTE, The tales belonging to the namaskara-vyakhya of the Avasyaka-Curni. A survey

NALINI BALBIR, The micro-genre of dana-stories in Jaina literature: problems of interrelation and diffusion

C.M. MAYRHOFER, Tradition and innovation in Jain narratives. A study of two Apabhramsa versions of the Story of Carudatta

B.K. JAIN, Ethics and narrative literature in the daily life of a traditional Jaina family of Agra during the nineteen thirties. A study based on my personal childhood reminiscences

K.R. NORMAN, The nine treasures of a cakravartin

KYOSHU TSUCHIHASHI, On the literal meaning of lesya

UMAKANT P. SHAH, Jaina narrative literature and art

G. ROTH, Legendes of craftsmen in Jaina literature. Including notes on the bell-friese and Mount Mandara in the Jaina Canon and in ancient Indian art

K. FISCHER, Rsyasrnga in the narrative art of Jaina stupas at Kankali-Tila. Kama and tapas in Jaina sculpture: Patrons, Artist, Worshippers

C. CAILLAT, The Strasbourg manuscript no. 4385 of the Uttarajjhaya-sutta: illustrations with a narrative subject and illustrations with edifying connotation

E. BENDER, Illustrations in Jaina manuscripts

H. BECHERT, A remark on the problem of the date of Mahavira

JAINA VISHVA BHARATI, 1. Message from His Holiness Acarya Sri TULASI Maharaj.
2. YUVACARYA MAHAPRAJNA, The principles of dharmastikaya and adharmastikaya in the Viyahapannatti.
3. NATHMAL TATIA, Parallel developments in the meaning of parijna (Prakrit parinna, Pali parinna) in the Canonical literature of     the Jainas and the Buddhists.

HAJIME NAKAMURA, Common elements in early Jain and Buddhist literature (Index Locorum compiled by ISABELLE SZELAGOWSKI)

MARIE-CLAUDE PORCHER, Remarks on some new approaches to Sanskrit literature

C.M. MAYRHOFER, Proposal for an Apabramsa dictionary

John Brough, by OSCAR BOTTO
Giuseppe Tucci, by OSCAR BOTTO

V. AGOSTINI, Volumes I-X General Index

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