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2019 - XLV

JOHN BROCKINGTON, Bīr Singh’s Rāmāyaṇa : a note on the text

OSCAR FIGUEROA, The Secular and the Religious in Kṣemendra’s Samayamātṛkā

ARUN VINAYAK JATEGAONKAR, VASANTI ARUN JATEGAONKARDraupadī’s Hair, her Path, and the Phrase Padavīṁ √gam

CHIARA POLICARDI, Theriocephalic Yoginīs in Śaiva Tantric Traditions: an Animal Mask?

R. N. PRASHER, Ṛgvedic Paṇis and Phoenicians: Trade and Cross-Cultural Diffusion

R.K.K. RAJARAJAN, Caṇḍikeśvara in Myth and Iconography: Violence and Reconciliation

The International Association of Sanskrit Studies (I.A.S.S.). Meetings of the I.A.S.S. during the 17th World Sanskrit Conference held in Vancouver



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2017-18 - XLIII-XLIV

PART ONE. Articles

PRADIP BHATTACHARYA, Revising the Critical Edition of the Mahābhārata: An Approach Through the Attempt to Strip Draupadī

MARCO FRANCESCHINI, Recasting Poetry: Words, Motifs and Scenes Borrowed from the Raghuvaṃśa and Reshaped in Buddhaghoṣa’s Padyacūḍāmaṇi

MASSIMILIANO A. POLICHETTI, Understanding the Indo-Tibetan Sacred Music. An Introductory Note

NIELS SCHOUBBEN, ‘À la grecque comme à la grecque’ – The Greek Kandahar Inscriptions as a Case Study in Indo-Greek Language Contact During the HellenisticPeriod

VERONICA ARIEL VALENTI, Homo loquens e desiderio nel mondo vedico

VERONICA ARIEL VALENTI, RV X, 95, 1 e lo scambio amebeo primo



PART TWO. A Selection of the Papers Presented at the Meeting of the Associazione Italiana di Studi Sanscriti (Rome, Università La Sapienza, 26th-28th October 2017)

CHIARA LIVIO, Cosmic Pūjā Śivabhakti in Śrīkaṇṭhacarita V

CINZIA PIERUCCINI, Hunting, Farming and Protecting Animals. Remarks on Migadāya and Mṛgavana

PAOLA PISANO, Vīryaśulkāḥ Kanyāḥ: Aspects of Women’s Dependence in the Mahābhārata and in Old Greek Sources

MARGED FLAVIA TRUMPER, The Impact of the Arrival of Sound Technology on Hindustani Vocal Music and on the Role of Women in North Indian Art Music

MASSIMO VAI, Some Questions about Vedic Subordination

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2015-16 - XLI-XLII

JAVIER RUIZ CALDERÒN, Advaita Vedānta without transcendent metaphysic


B.B. LAL, Manu’s Flood: a Myth or Reality

STEPHAN HILLYER LEVITT, Interpreting the Vedic Tradition

STEPHAN HILLYER LEVITT, On the Etymology of Skt. Ā̆ndhra

CARMELA MASTRANGELO, History and Pedagogy of Sanskrit Grammar through the works of Western missionaries Johann Ernst Hanxleden and Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo

R.K.K. RAJARAJAN, The Iconography of the Kailāsanātha Temple Seeing beyond the replastered Images and Yoginīs

DAYA SHANKAR TIWARY, Contribution of Āryabhaṭīya in the field of Mathematics and Astronomy: Modern perspective

VERONICA ARIEL VALENTI, Cosmogenesi e dynamis sincretica della parola vedica (RV X, 129)

TOSHIHIRO WADA, The “Verbal Root Chapter” (Dhātuvāda) of Gaṅgeśa’s Tattvacintāmaṇi

NARENDRA K. WAGLE, On image worship in Buddhism and Hinduism: a synoptic view

GYULA WOJTILLA, The position of the Kīnāśas in Indian peasant society

Report on the Sixteenth World Sanskrit Conference

Meetings of the I.A.S.S. during the 16th World Sanskrit Conference held in Bangkok




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