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AIT - ASIA INSTITUTE TORINO is a non-profit institution founded in 2004 in the wake of the long-lasting tradition of Piedmont’s in the field of Asian studies and its aim is to promote studies on India, Central Asia and South-East Asia by organizing scientific researches, editorial projects and cultural activities. The research and editorial activities are supervised by scientific committees composed by well renowned scholars.

Indologia Taurinensia

Since 1973 one of the most prestigious journals in the field of Indological studies. Now all available online.

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Corpus Iuris Sanscriticum

A serie devoted to Indian juridical treatises and their influence on the cultures of Central Asia and chiefly of South-East Asia.

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AIT publications

Discover our serie devoted to Asia

Collana di letture Orientalia

Dizionario Sanscrito-Italiano

Versione on-line realizzata grazie al sostegno dell'Unione Accademica Internazionale e dell'Unione Accademica Nazionale.

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