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VOLUME VIII-IX (1980-1981)
Dr. Ludwik Sternbach Commemoration Volume


Author Title
K.M. AGRAWAL Prostitutes in the Mrcchakatika of Sudraka
N. ALTUCHOW Herasim Lebedeff(1749-1817)
H.W. BAILEY Indo-iranica
ANUKUL CHANDRA BANERJEE Buddhism. Its religious background
BISWANATH BANERJEE Modern Sanskrit dramas of Bengal
KAMALESWAR BHATTACHARYA The grammatical basis of Nagarjuna's arguments - Some further considerations
G.M. BONGARD-LEVIN A new fragment of the Sanskrit «Sumukhadharani» and its Saka version
H. BRUNNER Le Saiva-Siddhanta, «essence» du Veda (Etude d'un fragment du Kamikagama)
M. CHRISTOPHER BYRSKI Is there a Sanskrit word for pumice?
C. CAILLAT Notes sur les variantes dans la tradition du Dasaveyaliya-sutta
GORDON C. CHISHOLM The Education of the Hero as depicted in Sanskrit Fiction
C. CONIO The problem of continuum and discontinuum in the cosmogony of Svacchandatanta XI, 1-9
SADASHIV AMBADAS DANGE Religious Suicide in the Vedic Period (?)
G.V. DEVASTHALI Pre-fixation Fermentation of the (Rgveda) Krama-Patha
M.K. DHAVALIKAR Antiquity of Ganesa. The numismatic evidence
M. D'ONZA CHIODO - E. PANATTONI Kudda-rajan and allied terms: a set of Dravidian loan-words in Pali
P. DUNDAS Prakrit Avvo
G.R. FRANCI Indology as Maieutics - Some Indian Contributions to a New Image of Man
A.J. GAIL Ayudhapurusa - Die anthropomorphen Waffen Visnus in Literatur und Kunst
LALLANJI GOPAL Buddhaghosa on Araghatta
ALF HILTEBEITEL Sita Vibhusita: the Jewels for Her Journey
PADMANABH S. JAINI Svatantravacanamrta of Kanakasena
A.N. JANI Interpolations in the Hatayogapradipika
S.G. KANTAWALA Two Legends from the Purana: a Study in Upabrmhana
K. KRISHNAMOORTHY The Nature of Creative Pratibha according to Kuntaka
D. MAGGI Why is Rajas Upastambhaka- in the Sakhyakarika?
E.P. MATEN In Quest of the Original Pancatantra. A Methodological Discussion
M.A. MEHENDALE Durativyatha
V.V. MIRASHI The Date of the Mrcchakatika
H. MODE The Four Quadrupeds - Reflections on Indian Animal Preference
W. MORGENROTH Glossen in der Chandogya-Upanishad
BAREND A. VAN NOOTEN The Ramopakhyana and the Ramayana
A. PEZZALI Bodhisattva et Prajnaparamita, l'essence du Madhyamaka
M. PIANTELLI The conception of the two Drsti-s in Sankara's Brhadaranyakopanisadbhasya I, 4, 10
S.S. PRASAD The Bhagavata and the Dharmasastras
B.N. PURI The Rashtrakutas and their Northern Contemporaries
E. RITSCHL Nirvasana
A.M. SAMOZVANTSEV Arthasastra and Dharmasastra - Two traditions
H.D. SANKALIA The Ramayana Age
K.V. SARMA Some Lessons from Valmiki Ramayana
M. SCHETELICH Zu den Anfängen altindischer Staat-lehre
I.D. SEREBRYAKOV A few thoughts on Ksemendra's Narmamala
B.N. SHARMA An iconographical Survey of Hindu Deities in Nepal
MUKUNDA MADHAVA SHARMA On an extract from the Abhinavabharati
R.S. SHARMA Trends in the Economic History of Mathura (c. 300 B.C. - A.D. 300)
JAY PRAKASH SINGH On the Shape of Ahom Coins
J.P. SINHA Prastavaratnakara: an unpublished anthology by Haridasa
D.C. SIRCAR Some problems of textual study
R. MORTON SMITH On the Development of the Tristubh
UPENDRA THAKUR Indian monks in Vietnam and Vietnamese monks in India
J. TILAKASIRI The images of wit and humour in Kalidasa's and Sudraka's dramas
P.M. UPADHYE Urvai's Character - A new approach of study
E. WALDSCHMIDT The Buddha not a magician - Fragment from the Patalakasutra of the Madhyamagama

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