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VOLUME VI (1978)
Proceedings of the "Third World Sanskrit Conference" (Paris, 20-25 June 1977)


Author Title
M.D. BALASUBRAHMANYAM The Summit tone of a Vedic word
F. BALDISSERA Note on the bhana-Saradatilaka
KAMALESWAR BHATTACHARYA Recherches sur le Navya-nyaya: bilan et perspectives
SH. BIRA Dandin's «Kavyadarsa» in Tibet and Mongolia
J.L. BROCKINGTON Sanskrit Epic Tradition - I. Epic and Epitome (Ramayana and Ramopa-khyana)
LOKESH CHANDRA Sanskrit Studies in Classical Indonesia
G. COGNI The unitary interpretation of the world through Yoga and Vedanta and Parapsychology
CARL GUSTAV DIEHL The Simile of Murukan
G.G. FILIPPI des composants culturels dans le Granthavali de Kabir
P. FILLIOZAT L'ècole moderne des Vaiyakarana du Maharastra
ADALBERT J. GAIL Parasurama brahmin and warrior
MISLAV JEZIC Some thoughts comparing rgvedic and hellenic myths
P. KWELLA Some Remarks on the Style of some Buddhist Sanskrit Texts
S. LIENHARD On the meaning and use of the word indragopa
RAMARANJAN MUKHERJI IndianApproach to the Problem of the Sublime
S.R.N. MURTHY Varahamihira'scontribution to the vedic theory of the heart
YUTAKA OJIHARA Sur une formule patanjalienne: «na cedanim acaryah sutrani krtva nivartayanti»
A. PADOUX Some suggestions on research into mantra
M. PIANTELLI Sankara's treatment of sabdaprabhavatva in Brahmasutrabhasya I, 3, 28 and the problem of a nexus between the so-called  Sabdabrahman and sphota. Some considerations
T. POBOZNIAK Mrcchakatika as a drama of individual characters
ARION ROSU Études Ayurvediques - I. Le trivarga dans l'Ayurveda
RANAJIT SARKAR «Night» and «Day» in Kumarasambhava: an investigation into the suggestive meaning
HERAMBA CHATTERJEE SASTRI Some new lights on the commentaries of the Dayabhaga of Jimutavahana
SATYAVRAT SHASTRI Putresti in the Ramayana: was it really necessary
USHA SATYAVRAT Twentieth Century Sanskrit Drama: some new trends and tendencies
B.G. SIDHARTH Glimpses of the amazing astronomy of the Rig-Veda
REKHA SINHA The Education system in Upanisadic Age
L. STERNBACH Some surprises from Subhasita-samgraha-s
B. STOLER MILLER Poet, actors and Audience in Classical Indian Drama
J. TILAKASIRI Religious elements in Sanskrit poetic technique
F. WILHELM L'ordre des castes selon quelques traités sanskrits
S. ZIMMER La notion de l'appartenance dans la langue du Rgveda

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