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Proceedings of the "Scandinavian Conference-Seminar of Indological Studies" (Stockholm, 1st - 5th June 1982)


Author Title
N. BALBIR Normalizing Trends in Jaina Narrative Literature
A. NIYOGI BALSLEV An over-all view of the problem of time in Indian philosophy
E. BENDER The Function of Ragas in Jaina Katha Literature
PER-ARNE BERGLIE Indian Siddhas as Tibetan Gods
C. CAILLAT Prohibited speech and subhasita in the Theravada tradition
ERIC of EDHOLM Canda and the sacrificial remnants. A contribution to Indian gastrotheology
R.E. EMMERICK Some remarks on the history of leprosy in India
G. GREN-EKLUND Causality and the method of connecting concepts in the Upanisads
J.C. HEESTERMAN Non-Violence and Sacrifice
M. JAUK-PINHAK Some Notes on the Pioneer Indologist Filip Vesdin (Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo)
E. KAHRS Yaska's Nirukta: the quest for a new interpretation
S. LIENHARD Two Stanzas Attributed to Bhartrhari
C. LINDTNER On Bhavya's Madhyamakaratnapradipa
N. SIMONSSON Reflections on the grammatical tradition in Tibet and its connection with Indian Buddhist speculation on language
GEORG VON SIMSON The mythic background of the Mahabharata
W.L. SMITH Chinese Sugar? On the Origin of Hindi cini, «Sugar»
C. SUNESON From God to Horse - A Mythological and Semasiological Study of Revanta in Sanskrit and Gujarati/Rajasthani
M. THIEL-HORSTMANN The Bhakti Theology of the Dadupanthi Sundardas
R. WALLDEN Reflections on the Narrinai vocabulary
A. WEZLER On the Quadruple Division of the Yogasastra, the Caturvyuhatva of the Cikitsasastra and the "Four Noble Truths" of the Buddha (Studies in the Patanjalayogasastravivarana II)
G.M. BAILEY On D.D. Kosambi's Interpretation of the Bhagavadgita
M. D'ONZA CHIODO - E. PANATTONI Dravidian contributions to an interpretation of Pali gamapoddava and Buddhaghosa's explanation of the term
J. KAUL «KAMAL» On the parallel development of Vedanta and Saiva (Trika) Philosophies in Kashmir
S. PIANO Some notes on the Ganga-mahatmya in the Narada-purana
A. ROSU Les traditions ayurvediques a Benares aux temps modernes
ARVIND SHARMA The precise meaning of prete in Katha Upanisad I.I 20
PRIVA VRAT SHARMA La notion de vedana dans la Carakasamhita

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