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GREG BAILEY On the significance of the Mahābhārata as a cultural artefact in early historical India (400bce-400ce)
WILLEM BOLLÉE Folklore on the foot in pre-modern India
J. DUNCAN M. DERRETT Angels and the story at Mark 1:12-13 & q
ANANDA W. P. GURUGE The place of buddhism in indian thought
JOANNA JUREWICZ REbirth Eschatology In The Ṛgveda In Search For Roots Of Transmigration
STEPHAN HILLYER LEVITT Skt. ÍNDRA: Grassmann's connection with √indh again
AGATA PELLEGRINI La vicenda di Rāma in ambito buddhista. Il Dasarathajātaka
TIZIANA PONTILLO The "attributes" of the sea as a "theme" in the Rāmāyaṉa and in the Raghuvaṃśa: a lexical analysis (II)
CHRISTOPHE VIELLE La date de la Jaiminīyasaṃhitā du Brahmāṇḍapurāṇa: une confirmation épigraphique du début du XIVème siècle ad
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