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MIKAEL AKTOR The ‘grammar of defilement’ revisited: comparing rules of prāyaścitta with rules of āśauca
DONALD R. DAVIS, JR. Maxims & precedent in classical hindu law
DOMENICO FRANCAVILLA Through words and practices: the transmission of the knowledge of Dharma in the hindu legal tradition
MARI JYVÄSJÄRVI Parivrājikā and Pravrajitā: categories of ascetic women in dharmaśāstra and vinaya commentaries
TIMOTHY LUBIN Punishment and expiation: overlapping domains in brahmanical law
PATRICK OLIVELLE The date and provenance of the Viṣṇu-Smṛti: on the intersection between text and iconography
NALINI BALBIR Colette Caillat (1921-2007)
JOHANNES BRONKHORST Science and religion in classical India
J. DUNCAN M. DERRETT Irresponsible religiosity? Three asian religions
BORIS OGUIBÉNINE Qu'est-ce que la forêt pour l'Inde ancienne?
EMANUELA PANATTONI Figure divine nei Puṟanāṉūṟu
ALBERTO PELISSERO Arjuna e la cerca delle armi: fortune del Pāśupatāstra nella tradizione indiana a partire dal Mahābhārata
TIZIANA PONTILLO The "attributes" of the sea as a "theme" in the Rāmāyaṉa and in the Raghuvaṃśa: a lexical analysis (I)
FERNANDO TOLA - CARMEN DRAGONETTI Aristotle and Praśastapāda on the genesis of the Universals
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