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VOLUME XXIX (2003) - Proceedings of the XI World Sanskrit Conference (Turin, April 3rd-8th, 2000) - 1st part
a) Proceedings of the XI World Sanskrit Conference (Turin, April 3rd-8th, 2000) - 1st part


Author Title
GREG BAILEY The pravrtti/nivrtti project at La Trobe University. With notes on the meaning of vrt in the Bhagavadgītā
PIOTR BALCEROWICZ On the relationship of the Nyāyâvatāra and the Sammati-tarka-prakarana
ALBERTO CHIANTARETTO Nādīparīksā as diagnostic and prognostic technique in Sanskrit medical literature and the Nādīvijñāna of Kanāda
BRUNO DAGENS Temple architecture in India at the beginning of the 6th century according to Varāhamihira's Brhatsamhitā
JEAN MICHEL DELIRE The Baudhāyana Śulbasūtra's commentaries: edition, translation and explanations
M.G. DHADPHALE S¯karamaddava: a new interpretation
JOHN R. DUPUCHE Abhinavagupta's presentation of the Kula Ritual in Tantrāloka 29
CARLOS ALBERTO DA FONSECA Theoretical bases for Yāska's Nirukta
A.W.P. GURUGE Allusions to the Rāmāyana in buddhist Sanskrit literature
MARTA KUDELSKA The problem of immortality and the notion of the term nāman
D.N. LIELUKHINE "Administrative" terminology in early epigraphy and evolution of ancient Indian state structure (I-V sec. a.d.)
M.I. MIKHAILOV Vedic night Prthivī and the date of the rgveda
GOPINATH MOHAPATRA A most popular translation of Bhāgavata Purāna in the mediaeval Orissa
JUAN MIGUEL DE MORA Was Bhavabhūti irreverent in the Uttararāmacarita?
ROBERTO PERINU Shape & tuning of some wind musical instruments
DANIELA ROSSELLA The Bhānudatta's Rasamañjarī. The first translation in western language
PRĪTI SINHĀ Sanskrit Stotra-tradition, with special reference to the Stotra-s of Rāmabhadra Dīksita
b) The XII World Sanskrit Conference (Helsinki, July 14th-19th, 2003) and the International Association of Sanskrit Studies (I.A.S.S.)
JOHN L. BROCKINGTON Report on the XII World Sanskrit Conference; Meetings of the I.A.S.S. during the XII World Sanskrit Conference held in Helsinki: Minutes of the meeting of the  I.A.S.S. Board (Helsinki, 15th, July 2003); Minutes of the General Meeting of the I.A.S.S. (Helsinki, 16th July 2003); Resolutions passed during the  closing Plenary Session, XII World Sanskrit Conference (Helsinki, July 18th, 2003); Statute of the I.A.S.S.; The International Association of Sanskrit Studies  (I.A.S.S.); Officers of the Association and Members of the Board; Members of the Consultative Committee.

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