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O. BOTTO Foreword
A. VIGASIN Introduction
M. BOKHARIM - A. VIGASIN Selected Bibliography of the Indological Publications of GM. Bongard-Levin
I. Archaeology and Art:
B.B. LAL Trade as a factor in the Rise and Fall of the Indus Civilization
G.L. POSSEHL An Harappan Outpost on the Amu Darya: Shortughai. Why was it there?
B.N. MUKHERJEE The Unsolved Aryan Problem
K. JETTMAR Northern Visitors in the Indus-Valley during the Early Buddhist Period?
D. CHAKRABARTI Ancient Settlements of the Ganga Plain: West Bengal and Bihar
R.C. SHARMA Ringstones as Esoteric and Art Items
A.H. DANI Individuality of Bengal Art
M.C. JOSHI Aspect of Sculptures of Buddha in China and India. A Brief Survey
K. VATSYAYAN Aesthetics of Indian Dance
D. SCHLINGLOFF Das Mahapratiharya in der zentralasiatischen Hinayana-Kunst
II. Buddhist Studies:
H. NAKAMURA The Ideal Ultimate Goal in Life in the Early Buddhism
A. WAYMAN Some Theories of Buddhist Dates
CHRISTIAN LINDTNER Buddhism as Brahmanism
J.W. DE JONG Recent Japanese Studies on the Lalitavistara
SHOGO WATANABE A Reconsideration of Prajna: from Upanisads to Buddhism
HIROFUMI TODA Saddharmapundaraka-sutra XV Verses 1-15
SODO MORI The Milindapanha and the Pali Atthakatha Literature
BHIKKHU PASADIKA Two Quotations from the Kasyapaparivarta in Nagarjuna's Sutrasamuccaya
P. WILLIAMS The Selfless Removal of Pain. A Critical Glance at Santideva's Argument in Bodhicaryavatara 8: 101-03
J.U. HARTMANN Sanskrit Fragments from the Agamas (I): the Angulimalasutra
K. WILLE New Fragments of the Buddhan masutra a
R. EMMERICK The Khotanese Sumukhasutra
H. EIMER Three Leaves from a Tibetan Dharani Collection
III. Epigraphical and numismatic Studies:
Y.V. VASSILKOV On the Meaning of the Names Asoka and Piyadasi
K.R. NORMAN Asoka's Thirteenth Rock Edict
N.A. JAYAWIKRAMA Asoka's Edits and the third Buddhist Council
A.A. VIGASIN Some Aspects of Asoka's Edicts
D. FACCENNA - M. TADDEI Two Graffiti from Butkara I. Swat
N. SIMS-WILLIAMS The Iranian Inscriptions of Shatial
P. GIGNOUX On the New Pahlavi Documents Central Asia
D.W. MAC DOWALL A Hoard of Late Kushan Copper from Coins from Bambore
A.K. NARAIN The Coins and Identity of the Nameless Yuezhi King of Bactria
IV. Sanskrit, History and Culture:
H. BODEWITZ The Hindu Doctrine of Transmigration. Its Origin and Background
S. JAISWAL Caste: Ideology and Context
F. WILHELM Calamities and Dharma Problem
MINORU HARA Tapas in the Smrti Literature
I. PIOVANO Some reflections about false witness in Ancient Indian Law
M. SCHETELICH Traces of Early Purohita Knowledge in the Kautiliya Arthasastra
R.K. SHARMA Lexicographical significance of the Paninian Ganapathas
E. GEROW A Note on the Prehistory of Indian Metrics
G. WOJTILLA Some remarks on the Sitadhyaksaprakarana of the Arthasastra
R.S. SHARMA The Feudal Mind in India

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