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VOLUME XIII (1985-1986)
Proceedings of the "Sixth World Sanskrit Conference" (Philadelphia, October 13th - 20th 1984)


Author Title
J.L. BROCKINGTON Guarded by grass. A Ramayana motif and some Western parallels
B. DAGENS Les aspects techniques de l'iconographie selon les agama sivaites
R.C. DWIVEDI Concept of the Sastra
M.B. EMENEAU Sanskrit and Dravidian
ALAKA HEJIB-AGERA The Particle Gha in the Rgveda
H. HENRICH HOCK Voice, mood, and the gerundive (Krtya) in Sanskrit
M.P. MALLEDEVARU The Saivagamas, their extent and authority
K.K. MISHRA Bhartrhari's theory of sphota
KAMESHWAR NATH MISHRA The unpublished Tattvasiddhi of Santaraksita: a resume
U.N. ROY Salabhanjika Motif in Sanskrit Literature
JAG DEVA SINGH Panini's Theory of Substitution and Derivation of Verbal Forms
G.M. BONGARD-LEVIN Ancient India, and the Graeco-Roman World
LOKESH CHANDRA The Origin of Avalokita-svara/Avalokitesvara
PADMANABH S. JAINI Muktivicara of Bhavasena: Text and Translation
S.G. KANTAWALA Some Aspects of Vedic Visnu
S. HILLYER LEVITT The Indian Attitude Toward Writing
M. PIANTELLI The «Mystical» Attitude and Its Indifference to Wordly Values and Commitments. Some Considerations on the Indian Outlook
S. POLLOCK Raksasas and Others
R. SALOMON A New Kharosthi Inscription
K.V. SARMA Some new techniques in collating manuscripts and editing texts
S. SINGARAVELU The episode of Maiyarab in the Thai Ramakien and its possible relationship to Tamil folklore
JAI PRAKASH SINGH Is Gupta Gold a Gift Money?
G. SPERA Gaya-mahatmya as depicted in Skanda-purana V, I, 57-59

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