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VOLUME XL (2014)


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ALESSANDRO BATTISTINI Cardboard Weapons: Rudraṭa,The Goddess and the Origin of Citrakāvya
JOHANNES BRONKHORST Reflections on the Fate of Northwestern Brahmins
EWA DEBICKA-BOREK The Bravery of Sāluva Narasiṃha and the Grace of Narasiṃha Deity
ALEXANDER DUBYANSKIY Patterns of Heroic Behavior in Old and Medieval Tamil Poetry
DANIELLE FELLER The Epic Hero: Between Brahamin and Warrior
MARTIN HRBEK Heroes from the Margins in Contemporary Bengali Fiction
FRANK KHLER Karṇa and the Dharmik Evaluation of Characterin the Mahābhārata
CHIARA NERI TIZIANA PONTILLO Words Involving the Stem Brahman- Denoting the Achievement of Super-Human Status in Vedic and Sutta Piṭaka Sources
ALBERTO PELISSERO Some Glimpses about the Semantic Domain of Vīra in Indian Culture
DAVID PIERDOMINICI LEO The Kavi as a Warrior: the Poetic Fight Between Aruṇagirinātha Diṇḍima and Śrīnātha as an Image of Literary Changes in 15th Century Vijayanagara
CHIARA POLICARDI Mastering Oneself, Meeting the Otherness: the Vīra in the Early Tantric Yoginī Cult
CHETTIARTHODI RAJENDRAN When the King is Captured: Perceptions Of Heroism in the Pratijāyaugandharāyaṇa Of Bhāsa
PAOLA M. ROSSI The Sounds of the Warrior: the Vedic Drums between War and Poetry
BOZENA SLIWCZYNSKA Bravery of the Durātman Hero the Figure of Rāvaṇa on the Kūṭiyāṭṭam Stage
DANUTA STASIK Immovable as Aṅgada: īsvardāss Aṅgad paij (1502)
LIDIA SUDYKA The Chejarla Temple Myth Revisited: Self-decapitation in Medieval Andhra
LETIZIA TRINCO Heroes Beyond the Texts: Sacrifice, Death and Afterlife in the Iconography of Southern Maharashtras Hero-Stones
ANNA TRYNKOWSKA The Making of a Hero: Kṛṣṇa in Mahābhārata 2.30-42 and in Māghas Śiśupālavadha
ALEKSANDRA TUREK A Good Villain: the Bravery of the Dacoits from the Śekhāvaṭī Region of Rājasthān
JAROSLAV VACEK Tamil Sangam Man of War His Activities and Aspirations
YAROSLAV VASSILKOV The Indian Hero in Heaven and on Earth: on the Meaning of the Word Devaputra

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