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ASHWINI AGRAWAL Śaivism in North-West India: synchronizing numismatic and sigillographic data with epigraphic evidence (c. 400-800 CE)
SIMON BRODBECK On the lineal significance of the Rājasūya in the Mahābhārata
DANIELLE FELLER Epic heroes have no childhood. A survey of childhood descriptions in the Sanskrit epics, the Mahābhārata and the Rāmāyaṇa
LARS GHLER Ontologische und grammatikalische Elemente im Zeitbegriff von Bhartṛhari
JOANNA JUREWICZ Tátaḥ Kṣarati Akṣáram. A history of an abstract notion
LEONID KULIKOV Text-critical and linguistic remarks on the interpretation of an atharvanic hymn to night: Śaunakīya 19.47 = Paippalāda 6.20
THOMAS L. MARKEY and CLAUDE MULLER Days among the meratus Dayak: smoking trees for trinkets or reverberations of Sanskrit in the Jungle of Borneo
JULIETA ROTARU Textual division of the Rā́trī Group of hymns in the Atharvavedic ritual tradition
JUDIT TRZSK Tolerance and its limits in twelfth century Kashmir: tantric elements in Kalhaṇa’s Rājataraṇgiṇī
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Report on the Fifteenth World Sanskrit Conference
Meetings of the I.A.S.S. during the 15th World Sanskrit Conference held in New Delhi
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