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J.G. ARAPURA-ARVIND SHARMA The problematic of sacred knowledge, forbidden outside the circle of orthodoxy in the light of Mimamsa and Vedanta
ANINDITA N. BALSLEV The Idea of 'Karuna' in the Upanisadic and the Buddhist Traditions, with comments on the urgency for an encounter of World-Religions today
W. BOLLEE Tales and similes from Malayagiri's commentary on the Vyavaharabhasya (bhaga 1)
JOHN BROCKINGTON Translating the Sanskrit Epics
HEIDRUN BRUCKNER "Karnabhara" - An edition of the one-act play ascribed to Bhasa based on three manuscripts
S.G. KANTAWALA Sajaniya-sukta (RV 2.12): Some Remarks on Its Genesis
MANFRED MAYRHOFER Zur Vertretung der indogermanischen Liquiden in den indo-iranischen Sprachen
KAMESHWAR NATH MISHRA Vimalaprabha on the Laghukalacakratantra 2.7.161-180. A Review
SRILATA RAMAN Departure and prophecy: the disappearance of Iramalinka Atikal in the early narratives of his life
MUSASHI TACHIKAWA Logic seen in the Diamond Sutra
RYUTARO TSUCHIDA Uber die direkte Quelle fur die kaschmirischen Versionen der Brhatkatha
JAROSLAV VACEK Dravidian and Altaic "Deer - Antelope-Bull"
J.M. VERPOORTEN Quelques tournures pejoratives dans le debat philosophique en Sanskrit
AKIRA YUYAMA Some Remarks on Two Texts Related to the Vinaya of the Mahasamghika-Lokottaravadins

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