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VOLUME XXI-XXII (1995-1996)


Author Title
A. AGRAWAL Did Kumaragupta I abdicate? - A study of the numismatic and epigraphic data
P. L. BHARGAVA Some problematic words and phrases in the Hymn of creation
G. BONFANTE L'uso del carro da guerra presso gli Indoeuropei
O. BOTTO About the latest Sanskrit and Indological Studies in Italy
J.L. BROCKINGTON A Malayalam-script Ramayana manuscript
A. CHATTERJEE SASTRI Panini and Katyayana on second case-ending: an approach to the Karaka-theory
L.A. VAN DAALEN What the soldiers saw: the seasonally ordered description of landscapes in Vakpati's Gaudavaha 513-658
M.S.G. DYCZKOWSKI Kubjika the erotic goddess. Sexual potency, transformation and reversal in the heterodox theophanies of the Kubjika tantras
A.W.P. GURUGE The contribution of Sri Lankan historical tradition to the reconstruction of the history of ancient India
J. KAUL "KAMAL" Philosophy of Nagarjuna and Kasmir Saivism
S.G. KANTAWALA Sacrificial elements in the Puranic vows
R.H. KOCH Udayana and Vasavadatta according to the Avasyaka Tradition
B. KOLVER From transcendent order to reality: early developments in the Indian concept of truth
S. HELLYER LEVITT II. Sanskrit brahman and Semitic BRK
A. PELLEGRINI SANNINO Is Sankhacuda a Hindu hero? (A note on the Nagananda)
H.D. SANKALIA Water and irrigation law and management in ancient India
H.B. SARKAR Chinese texts on Chia-na-t'iao/Kanthi: its identification as a trans-continental port of India
U.P. SHAH Some interesting images of Parsvanatha
R. SHARMA On the problem of the text of the Ramayana
T.R. SHARMA The concept of gotra in the Uttaratantra of Maitreya
J. PRAKASH SINGH Abdication and suicide in ancient Kamarupa - A study
M.A. UPADHYE Jain mythology: a critical study
S. LIENHARD The X World Sanskrit Conference and the International Association of Sanskrit Studies: S. LEENHARD, Report on the Tenth World Sanskrit Conference
Statute of the International Association of Sanskrit Studies adopted in Paris by the General Assembly of LASS on the 26th July 1977

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