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VOLUME XIX-XX (1993-1994)
Proceedings of the "Ninth International Ramayana Conference" - (Torino, April 13th-17th, 1992)


Author Title
O. BOTTO Inaugural Address
B. BANERJEE Ethics and philosophy in the Ramayana
N.R. BHATT Religion in Valmikiramayana
J.L. BROCKINGTON The Names of Rama
I.N. CHOUDHURI How does the world view the Ramayana?
U. CHOUDHURI The Ramayana myth of poetic creation
L.A. VAN DAALEN Remarks on the Princeton translation of Valmiki Ramayana, esp. on vol. HI by Sh.I. Pollock
C. DELLA CASA Imitatori e rivali di Gaspare Gorresio nel mondo letterario italiano del XIX secolo
M. DHAVAMONY Purusartha according to Valmiki Ramayana
M.C. SUBHADRADIS DISKUL The difference between Valmiki Ramayana and the thai version of Ramayana (Ramakirti) of king Rama I of Thailand
N. GANGADHARAN Valmiki Ramayana - The English exposition of C.R. Srinivasa Ayyangar: an apraisal
A.W.P. GURUGE Sri Lankan attitude to the Ramayana: a historical analysis
M. HARA On phrases not shared by the Mahabharata and Ramayana
S.S. JANAKI Saktibhadra's Ascaryacudamani - An appreciation in the light of Valmiki Ramayana
S.G. KANTAWALA Some remarks in the sexual life in the Ramayana
K. KUMAR Women characters in Valmiki Ramayana: with special reference to social values, cultural perspectives and modern thought
G. MOHAPATRA A critical view on the character-painting of Kumbhakarna in the Valmiki Ramayana
W. MORGENROTH Das Ramopakhyana des Mahabharata und das Valmiki Ramayana
S. MANOHAR PANDEY Surasa, Simhika and Lanka in the Valmiki and other Ramayanas
S. PIANO An few notes on the Rama-Katha in the Mahapurana-s
M. PIANTELLI About the Ramayana structure. Epics and fable
G. POLLET References to Ramayana in an early Brajabhasa hagiography (summary)
SAVEROS POU From Valmiki to Theravada buddhism: the example of the khmer classical Ramakerti
S. SAHAI Valmiki: his authorship, date and personality as gleaned from indochinese sources
K.V. SARMA Valmiki Ramayana - An ocean of suggestive poetry
U. SATYAVRAT The Ramayana and the modern Sanskrit plays
R. SHARMA The non-Aryans in the Ramayana: the Raksasas
S.V. SHASTRI Rama the ruler - As Vahniki reveals him
J.P. SINHA Dharmasastra material in the Ramayana
A.V. SUBRAMANIAN Valmiki Ramayana and sanskrit playwrights
N.P. UNNI Ramayana tradition in South-West India: a cultural overview
V. VENKATACHALAM Valmiki's Rama, a new perspective from the viewpoint of his enemies
J.M. VERPOORTEN La foret de Dandaka et son destin ecologique
V. VENKATACHALAM Valedictory address

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