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Author Title
G. BAILEY On the Concept of the Ephemeral in Bhartrhari's Satakatrayam
L. BANSAT-BOUDON Drama and Dharma in Indian Spuculations
K. BHATTACHARYA Once more on two passages of the Pali Canon
G.M. BONGARD-LEVIN - M.D. BUKHARIN Megasthenes' visits to India
J. BROCKINGTON William Carey's Significance as an Indologist
L. CHANDRA Devaraja in Cambodian History
T. ELIZARENKOVA "Words and things" in the Rgveda (to the denominations of "road", "way", "path")
PH. GRANOFF Seeking the perfect word: teachers and transmission in buddhist story literature
A.W.P. GURUGE The Buddha's encounters with Mara, the Tempter: their representation in Literature and Art
S. INSLER Vedic anuna-
R.H. KOCH Avasyaka-tales from Namaskara-Vyakhya
S. LIENHARD Report on the VIIIth World Sanskrit-Conference held in Vienna
S. LIENHARD Minutes on the meeting of the Board and the General Body of the IASS during the VIIIth World Sanskrit-Conference held in Vienna
K.R. NORMAN The metres of the Lakkhana-suttanta (V)
K.V. SARMA Principles for rendering Indian Epics and Puranas into the western languages
S.A.S. SARMA The Kapilasmrti - A little-known text on hindu Dharmasastra: an over-view
R.K. SHARMA Paninian metarule governing primary derivatives
T.R. SHARMA Analysis of Word and Meaning in Madhyamika Philosophy
G. VON SIMSON Interpreting Vedic Myth: the story of Indra and Kutsa
W.L. SMITH The Canonization of Karna - The Migration of a hagiographical motif
A. WEZLER Should the adopted son be a close relative? On the interpretation of Vasistha-Dharma-Sutra 15.6 and 7

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