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VOLUME XV-XVI (1989-1990)
Proceedings of the "Seventh World Sanskrit Conference" (Leiden, August 23rd - 29th, 1987)


Author Title
R.N. DANDEKAR Inaugural Address
GREG BAILEY The semantic frames of the contents of the Upasanakhanda of the Ganesa Purana
ANINDITA NIYOGI BALSLEV The notion of "I" in the different schools of Vedanta: a philosophical appraisal
L. BANSAT-BOUDON The Samanyabhinaya or how to play the game
J.L. BROCKINGTON The Text of the Ramayana
J. BROUWER The South Indian blacksmith and goldsmith, the Visvakarmas' view on iron and gold
L.M. FINN Kamakala - The kernel of desire in the Sricakra
JAN E.M. HOUBEN The sequencelessness of the signifier in Bhartrhari's theory of language
VRASHABH P. JAIN The concept of case/karaka: a comparative statement
MISLAY JEZIC The transfer of Divine Attributes in the Rksamhita
KALANATH JHA Indian vis-a-vis Roman calendar: an appraisal in comparison
S.C. KERSENBOOM Natya - the desiyajna
M.I. KHAN Contribution of Indian Muslims to Sanskrit
SUSHMA R. KULSHRESHTHA Music and dance in Buddhist literature
DR. MRS. MANORAMA Modern Sanskrit dramatist. Dr. Rama Chaudhary
HISASHI MATSUMURA Three notes on the Sanghabhedavastu
V. MAZZARINO Bhamaha's ′three-fold′ slistalamkara
T.E. MEINDERSMA Paralokasiddhi in Carakasamhita
MAREK MEJOR The problem of two Vasubandhus reconsidered
JUAN MIGUEL DE MORA, Sanskrit scholars in Spain and Mexico in the 19th century and the comparison between Sanskrit and Nahuatl
SUSHIL MADHAVA PATHAK The Bhagavad Gita and its evaluation in modem times
KHAGENDRA PATRA Tradition of Sanskrit literature in Orissa
K.T.S. SARAO Background to the origin of earliest Buddhism
RAJENDRA NATH SARMA Pramanas in the Prabhakara-Mimamsa
NOEL SHETH, S. J. The justification of Krishna's childhood pranks
GEORG VON SIMSON Remarks on the Suparna/Garuda myth (Later Vedic period)
L.P. SINGH Kasmira Saivism: an analysis and reflection
S.P. THOMPSON Does Panini's karaka system provide a basis for a universal grammar?
A.V. VASILKOV Draupadi in the assembly-hall, Gandharva-husbands and the origin of the Ganikas
LIEVE VAN DE WALLE The pragmatic motivation for the passive in Classical Sanskrit

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