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VOLUME X (1982)
Proceedings of the "Conference-Seminar of Indological Studies" (Stockholm, October 12nd-16th, 1980)


Author Title
HEINZ BECHERT The Date Of The Buddha Reconsidered
PER-ARNE BERGLIE When the Corpses Rise: Some Tibetan Ro langs Stories
H.W. BODEWITZ The waters In Vedic cosmic classifications
G.M. BONGARD-LEVIN New Indian Texts from Central Asia
JOHN BROUGH Amitabha and Avalokitesvara in an inscribed Gandharan sculpture
R.N.DANDEKAR Some Aspects of Vedic Exegesis
CARL GUSTAV DIEHL The Passage III, 3.2.21-33 in Bhavisya-Purana
E. GEROW What is Karma (Kim karmeti? An Exercise in Philosophical Semantics
ROBERT P. GOLDMAN Matricide, Renunciation, and Compensation In the Legends of Two Warrior-Heroes of the Sanskrit Epics
O.V. HINUBER Pali as an artificial language
BERNHARD KOLVER On Periphrastic Futures in Sanskrit (Summary)
SIEGFRIED LIENHARD Cow-Dust and Sun-Dust: Remarks on Skt. godhuli and skt. gorajas
REKHA MORRIS The Early Sculptures from Sarnath
GERHARD OBERHAMMER Die Transzendentale Struktur der Welt-Verfallenheit bei Paksilasvamin
YUTAKA OJIHARA Quelques remarques sur le texte sanskrit du Dharma-Samuccaya (éd. Lin Li-Kouang), 1re partie: Chapitres I-V (Paris, '46)
E. PAULY Hans Jorgensen: a Pioneer in Nevari Studies
R.K. SHARMA Siddhis in the Yogasutras and Saundarya Lahari
GEORG VON SIMSON Die buddhistische Erzahlung von Udrayana von Roruka und ihr mythologischer Hintergrund
W.L. SMITH Mahiravana and the Womb Demon
L. STERNBACH Two Law-tales from the Kathasaritsagara (Summary)
C. SUNESON The Kamasandesa - A Contribution to the Religious Geography of South India
S. PIANO Fonti puraniche nel pensiero religioso dei maestri del Sikhismo
MARIE-CLAUDE PORCHER Categories linguistiques et categories esthetiques dans la theorie du dhvani: A propos de la relation entre figure et suggestion
K.V. SARMA Manuscriptology and Textual Criticism in Medieval India
V.K. THAKUR Social Roots of the Bhagavad-Gita

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