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W.B. BOLLEE Tales and similes from Malayagiri's commentary on the Vyavahārabhāsya (bhāga 2)
CHRISTIAN BOUY Quelques remarques sur l'Āgamaśāstra de Gaudapāda
J. DUNCAN M. DERRETT Athanasius, Anthony and the Buddha
T.Y. ELIZARENKOVA The word Ātmán in the Ṛgveda
ANANDA W.P. GURUGE Who were Upagupta and his Aśoka?
ADVAITAVADINI KAUL Buddhism in kashmir
B.B. LAL Can the vedic people be identified archaeologically? - An approach
STEPHAN HILLYER LEVITT Why are sanskrit play titles strange?
D. SAKLANI Questioning the "QUESTIONING OF RAMAYANAS" in historical context
HARTMUT SCHARFE Pāṇini and his predecessors
FABIO SCIALPI Professor Giuseppe Tucci
TOSHIHIRO WADA Vāsudeva on the vyāptipañcaka section of gangeśa's Tattvacintāmaṇi
AA.VV. Reviews

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